I held a little celebration party for Jerry Pinkney’s the Lion & the Mouse a while ago. The Cherry on top was the donations of a few copies of the book to places where it would be the most needed. My initial choice was the Multicultural Writers Guild, Inc, but I couldn’t get a hold of them, and the organization phone number has been attributed to someone else. My second choice was the non-profit Libraries Without Borders (LWB), which is active in various places, especially in locations struck by disasters like New-Orleans and Haiti as of lately.

Three copies of the Lion & the Mouse have then been donated to LWB. In addition, Stacee Himes, who suggested MCCAWB as the only viable acronym to celebrate award-winning multicultural books, easily won a copy as well. Congratulations, Stacee!

Regarding the awards I mentioned last week.
Karen @ Musings of a Novelista gave me a Silver Lining Award! Thank you so much, Karen. I’m still making baby steps, so that you highlighted MR goes straight to my heart. The funny story behind this is actually that we gave each other an award without knowing.

I take advantage of this opportunity to pass the award along to five other bloggers. I value all the blogs listed on Multiculturalism Rocks! I do! That said, if you only have time to visit a few today, I would warmly recommend:

Donna @ the Word Wrangler NC. Donna’s biography is impressive, from her list of publication to the workshops she held. Today is Poetry Friday on her blog. If you scroll down a little, you could hear a song she finished writing this week as well.

Olugbemisola, author of 8th Grade Super Zero (a book I’m totally crazy about!), @ Mrs. Pilkington Knits. Read about writing, crafting, faithing (love that word!) and more…

Patricia @ My Cosmopolitan Diary. I confess that one of my guilty pleasures is to look at the colorful pictures that I am always sure to find in her posts.

Ah Yuan @ Gal Novelty. When was the last time you read a great Asian middle grade or YA novel? Well, even if that was a second ago, that is not all she reviews. On Ah Yuan’s blog you’re sure to find a generous list of recommendations about foreign and American authors! She’s been interviewed at Reading in Color by Ari a few days ago!

Zetta Elliot @ Fledgling. More information below. It’s exciting!!!

This past weeks have been really special for Zetta. On her blog you can see the picture of a box cut open and full of books… Hers! Her book, A Wish After MIdnight, will be out on February 16. Here is a short description: “Genna is a fifteen-year-old girl who wants out of her tough Brooklyn neighborhood. But she gets more than she bargained for when a wish gone awry transports her back in time. Facing the perilous realities of Civil War–era Brooklyn, Genna must use all her wits to survive. In the tradition of Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, A Wish After Midnight is the affecting and inspiring tale of a fearless young woman’s fight to hold on to her individuality and her humanity in two different worlds.” Are you hooked yet? 😀

There’s more good news! Ari, from Reading in Color, is hosting a celebration of Zetta and giving away a copy of AWAM. Read all about it here! I don’t know about you, but this is another book I can’t wait for. Time travel? If it worked for Genna, maybe it’ll work for me. 😀

This concludes today’s post.

What are you reading? I wish you a great weekend and lots of happy reading time.



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